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View Diary: Did anyone else notice this? Obama just said that it may have been an unauthorized strike, here: (40 comments)

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    Is Obama looking to go after Syrian government infrastructure? Or might he be looking to go after renegade commanders who mix and deliver chemical weapons? Or perhaps a military target that won't degrade the government's day-to-day capabilities?

    I remain convinced by some of the intelligence that the weapons came from the Syrian government arsenal, under control of government troops. And I think that there's more than a limited possibility that President Assad didn't order that strike. Unfortunately, Assad hasn't acknowledged any of that. My best I'm-not-an-intelligence-analyst guess is that the "someone" who ordered the strike is very close to Assad's heart.

    Obama would be foolish to mention that they know exactly what happened, or to telegraph that a retaliatory strike would target the person really responsible.

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    by Phoenix Rising on Fri Sep 06, 2013 at 01:54:24 PM PDT

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