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View Diary: There Is Going To Be A Huge, Huge Drop In Test Scores This Year (101 comments)

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  •  I have taken the 6-8 ELA SBAC (4+ / 0-)

    What I find in these tests is that almost all being asked is being taught. What we don't do as teachers is to word the questions in a manner that demands the student thinks very critically before answering.

    I have been teaching for 45 years, and I can tell you that in that span, the rigor involved had been diminished drastically. We ask very little critical thinking of our students, we hardly challenge them with vocabulary, and don't demand close reading of texts.

    I am glad that these standards are back. And yes, for a few years the scores may be terrible. But to not look at the reality of how other countries are challenging their students, would be a mistake. It is not that our students CAN'T do this work; it is we do Not demand they do this work.

    As educators we must realize that asking students challenging questions, ones that make them think, is not a bad thing.

    Part of the problem is that many of our students have the attention span of a gnat. They want gratification easily and immediately. That is one lesson I am starting this year- demanding students read carefully and closely, annotating and asking questions as they proceed.

    Our students, for quite a time now, have not had to actually work at anything. Now they do. I, for one, think it is about time. What I expected from my students when I first began to teach is hardly what is expected of them now. Hopefully, the common core will bring expectations back again.

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