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View Diary: U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power's speech on Syria to the Center for American Progress (49 comments)

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  •  When someone comes up with a good plan that (2+ / 0-)
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    shaharazade, Shockwave

    includes at least four or five allies who do more than lip service and a plan that actually directly does what we want to stop, which is to say a plan that gets rid of the chemical weapons, then I suspect support will be easier to come by.

    It will also be logical.  Nasty gas, we take out the gas.  Or nasty Assad, we take out Assad.

    Then of course we stand aside and let the rebels continue the civil war against each other in a state of total anarchy.

    There are 180 plus members of the UN and not one thinks what we are planning is worth their agreeing with.

    Not one.

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