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View Diary: The Repetition Compulsion for War -- and How It Might Fail This Time (134 comments)

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    They are an active and vocal group for their small size making it appear (and trying to make it appear) as though their numbers are greater than they actually are.

    They're not all that. And you know the fact that it's now even more apparent via blogpoll has made them dig in that much deeper, right?

    I'm normally not big on "polls", but I was damned glad to see kos post that diary the other day. I mean, who here would answer it dishonestly? Really? Even if anyone did, trying to pump up the numbers on the "pro-invasion" side, they were still outnumbered something like 3 to 1 IIRC.

    That's fairly consistent with general national polling on this. It's also pretty consistent with what congresspeople and senators are reporting as "being communicated by their constituents", if not erring on the side of "there are some for it". There are reps reporting not one constituent approves.

    So I expect it to get even uglier here, as the bad actors around here double down because, among other things, their egos are taking a beating. Yes, unfortunately, ego is a part of it too :(

    This all started with "what the Republicans did to language".

    by lunachickie on Sat Sep 07, 2013 at 03:03:25 PM PDT

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