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View Diary: America - You've been Bananafied! (125 comments)

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  •  and now you strawman (0+ / 0-)

    which is your seemingly favourite technique.

    Tell me why is it that when I show that the US isn't the shithole you seem to think it is you go to the other extreme?

    •  That's hardly a "strawman" (10+ / 0-)

      You bring nothing but stock denial and complaining.

      You're apparently bothered by the assertion this country is swirling down the toilet for the vast majority of us and want to simply deny it. Plenty of others see it as well ergo, you must be smarter than most.

      Write your own post about it.

      Clearly I think you;re filled with hot gas and find no value in the electrons you waste howling about it. I'm just enjoying a good badgering before I go to bed.

      If it is SO damned important to you, don't leave your brilliant observations languishing in my errant shadow.

      Daily Kos is adrift in error. Shine the way for others, O Enlightened One.

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