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  •  The culture of obedience has to make irrational (4+ / 0-)

    demands, otherwise the obedience is not evident. Voluntary compliance doesn't count. For the obedience to be meaningful, it has to be coerced. Coercion--that's the ticket.
    The ultimate goal is power and power, to be felt, has to hurt, or be irrational.

    I haven't worn a bra in nigh on fifty years. Bras are a comfort item for people whose breasts flip and flop. Near flat-chested people don't need the support.
    What gives people the idea that they can have opinions about other people's nether-garments is a puzzlement. Perhaps they need a lesson in what privacy means.

    It used to be considered rude to comment on a person's appearance, except, if one were a familiar, to issue a complement. Common courtesy is in need of a resurgence, but badly.

    The insolence of telling parents how to dress! When did public employees forget that they are paid to be subordinate to the citizens from whom they collect?

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