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View Diary: Another white man shoots another black child: this time in Texas. (227 comments)

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    When did it become acceptable to you that when an eight year old gets shot playing is just another day? You've made your point quite well that there were several alternatives to this event and that it is now being handled by the medical profession and law enforcement. Follow that thinking a bit further and imagine alternatives that might  limit if not prevent so many of these things from becoming just another news story we've all heard too many times. I don't think anyone doesn't get that those alternatives are the ones you don't want to talk about. Right? Isn't that part of why a little boy getting shot in the face by someone who has no business having a weapon has you wondering if this is a big deal or not?

    That's a bit jumbled up so lets lay it out all pretty like. Several people could have directly intervened to prevent this kid getting shot. You made that point very well and I agree. The extension of that thinking says there are further steps possible to prevent people who should not possess firearms from having them. (You have a problem with that I suspect. I do to but only to the extent of how to do it while protecting the rights of responsible people but lets leave that argument alone for now.) Does not taking those additional steps then make all of us partially responsible just like those who did not intervene with the shooter?

    I think you have to be in extreme denial to refuse to accept  some validity to the argument.

    Getting shot in the face is a big deal. A big fucking deal no matter who you are but is devastating for an eight year old and his family. Separate the two issues otherwise it makes you look like a cold hearted asshole. I don't think that is who you are.

    Time makes more converts than reason. Thomas Paine, Common Sense

    by VTCC73 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 at 12:48:54 PM PDT

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      Gregory Taplin said he noticed Cloninger standing in the apartment complex parking lot several hours before the shooting. Taplin knew he wasn't a resident, so he went up to talk to him.

      "'Do you stay here?' 'Da da da da' -- that's all he was saying," Taplin said. "He was gone, man. He was spaced out. He's up there, like," Taplin said, blinking his eyes repeatedly. "I said, 'What's wrong with this man?'"

      Hours later, Taplin heard the gunshots and went outside. Scared residents pointed at Clonginer as he was standing near his truck. Tapline went up to him.

      I'm guessing this is Greg Taplin

      Maybe in the several hours Cloninger was out there, slowly frying his brain, you would think somebody would ask the DPD to swing on by and check him out or a few of the neighbors would suggest he move along,

      Cloninger appears to be deeply mentally ill, and needed to be involved with the medico-legal community long before this shooting.

      We live in a big country, 400 million people, say 10% have some sort of diagnostic mental condition, say 1% are truly mentally ill.  That's 4 million people likely to do some truly nutty thing on any given day.  Many of them are in state mental prisons, some of them are inside our jails,
      some of them are homeless and some of them are walking around waiting to explode.

      I suspect Cloninger is the last case, a deeply mentally ill man with a gun, not much more to it then that.

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