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  •  There is also (0+ / 0-)

    There is also a federal case filed against Michigan's gay marriage and adoption ban making its way through the courts that legal pundits are saying is a very serious challenge.  Arguments start October 1.

    For the purpose of your definition, it does not fit this list, as while I wouldn't be surprised to see Snyder refuse to appeal a pro-equality ruling, state AG Bill Schuette would almost certainly appeal this up to the Supremes as he's a cyncial, ladder-climbing poll looking to eventually run for governor, himself.

    Anyway, a ballot initiative for marriage equality will most definitely be circulated in 2016, with a possible repeal of the current ban possibily coming next year to test the waters depending on who steps up to the plate.  Mark Schauer has made a pretty big deal of being on the side of equality.  He sees it as a political advantage.

    •  As I said above (0+ / 0-)

      I don't see any federal court case against an anti-gay ban being resolved before 2017 unless both the Governor and AG refuse to appeal a pro-equality ruling at the district court.  (Unless the Supreme Court decides to take it on an expedited basis in 2016)

      So unless both Snyder and Schuette lose in 2014, Michigan will  get marriage equality through the ballot box.  

      I don't understand why the Ds and the unions don't put work for less repeal, marriage equality, and a redistricting initiative simultaneously on the ballot in 2014.  

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