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    I just retired at 56. (health reasons)
    Medicaid eligibility is $15,000. I can and do live on less, and have saved enough to make that.
    According to KFF if I make $16,000 and have to go to the exchange my premium will be $539 a year. (after a $6816 subsidy) and I will be on the hook for up to $2250.
    So, If I make $16k instead of $15k it will cost me $539 to $2789, and it will cost the government $6816 -  minus whatever my actual bills are. (much less)
    See the irony? I am going to artificially lower my income to keep it below the Medicaid eligibility level because I may lose money if I don't, and this is good for the government because it will cost them less if I do.

    (disclaimer) This situation dissolves at about $20,000.

    Oh, do IRA returns count against the Medicaid eligibility? (barring a catastrophe I will not make withdrawals in the foreseeable future)

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