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  •  What Juris Debtor @ Dirigo Blue writes about.. (0+ / 0-)

    ..Rep. Gay Grants' ideas is something that needs to be highlighted.
    I'd go one point futher (and probably a bit OT - which I NEVER do except in rare instances - yeah right):

    While promoting/protecting public education against the onslaught of private for profit (and in many cases theocratic agenda) from the right is a good thing, but buying onto the notion that lack of education is responsible for joblessness is a bad meme to continue imo.

    It doesn't help in recognizing the bigger problem of corporate outsourcing and the the republican agenda of placing blame on workers.

    So though the discussion in the article is about skills gap in STEM area and shows the gap to be more of a myth:

    Even accepting the skills gap argument in general, there is little evidence of it in the STEM fields
    ..and I'm talking about all workers, not just the high tech stuff, I still think that Dems would do better to focus on the reasons for joblessness (republican slashing of public sector jobs) as the foundation of discussion or core of the problem first.
    First, there was no talk of a skills gap pre-recession, and as economist Edward Lazear notes, “[t]he structure of a modern economy does not change that quickly.”  In other words, how is it that in just a few years the workforce’s skills have depleted so rapidly?
     - emphasis added
    And we shouldn't be talking about skills gap now except perhaps in promotion of more funding and support of public education and against private interests.

    But NOT the argument describing unemployment as a skills gap problem.

    It seems to me to be adopting not just the language from corporations and all their woes but the framing of it too.

    Corporations have had enough way too much "say in the matter"

    Thx MB

    P.S. still trying to find a way to approach this topic (labor with or without education should be equal in importance and not subjucated by capital interests) for a future Diary but there are so many different ways it hasn't clicked yet. Iow's several drafts without the correct starting point.

    •  In a normal job market (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Eric Nelson

      a "skills gap" results in higher pay offers for those higher-skilled jobs. It also leads to employers running training programs -- sometimes even paid ones -- for the skills they need.

      In the current job market, OTH, employers are advertising for jobs that require very specific skills (fluency with particular software packages, for example), plus long, rotating, or essentially unlimited hours (impossible for working parents and some others), and are offering pay of in some cases under $10 an hour, sometimes as high as $12-15, but nowhere near what it should be for the skills they claim they need.

      To me, that's the strongest evidence that the skills-gap claim is mostly just smoke and mirrors.

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