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View Diary: It took under 24 hours in the NYC area for the police to violate my rights (147 comments)

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    Protect and serve is a motto for the police.

    Protecting the GWB from possible attack is a worthwhile cause.

    You have no idea what protecting the arteries in/out of NYC means to the people who live there.  Protecting the GWB is far more important than the diarists ability to photograph the bridge.

    The diarist left with his camera and video.  Had he been harassed, he would not have left with either.

    The taking of the camera would have been like items confiscated at airport security.....within legal limits.

    Like I said, I am against stop-and-frisk.

    Moreover, I have been quite clear that gun ownership is not without limits.

    But for better or worse, I do not have a knee-jerk reaction that requires all contact with police be derisive.

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