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View Diary: It took under 24 hours in the NYC area for the police to violate my rights (147 comments)

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  •  Ray Kelly thinks he's J. Edgar Hoover -- at least (0+ / 0-)

    Maybe smarter, stronger, and more powerful than Hoover -- who knows?  

    Commissioner Kelly understands himself to be the head of an international counter-terrorism, counter espionage, anti-subversive organization ... above the law and outside the Constitution -- "the NYPD."

     Mayor Boomberg has been enabling and encouraging the man and confirming the world view for the past 11 years ...

    And as we know, "bureaucracies are like dead fish, the rot starts with the Head".

    So ... along with  other foolishnesses ... like the mapping of "Moslem Neighborhoods", and the recruitment of malcontent moslem youths as police spies ... we have a standing Anti-Terrah policy in place since about Nov 14, 2001 which makes it illegal to photograph or videotape bridges, tunnels and public buildings.

    Obviously, this policy per se wouldn't stand strict Constitutional scrutiny -- but by de-emphasizing   the camera,  with it's Press Freedom implications, from the arrest report, and concentrate on "obstruction" and "failure to comply" ...   a zealous officer can make your life miserable for along weekend, while collecting that sweet sweet overtime pay -- especially if no one cares about actually obtaining a conviction in a court.

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