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View Diary: Radio intercepts convince German intel that Assad neither ordered nor approved the chemical attack (320 comments)

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  •  I thought the bar was high enough (0+ / 0-)

    for you to walk upright under it.  Your entire logic hinges on your second sentence IMHO, but when challenged on that point you chose to turn away from the discussion with a diversion:

    i also hope assad does that i also hope obama does, with out own war criminals. would set a nice standard.
    On the other hand if you responded to the substance of my original comment in another thread with something not quite so evasive, then I would be glad to know of it.

    But don't tire your fingers.   You "win".  I've got to get back to work and am having ever shrinking confidence of an honest conversation of these issues at Daily Kos.

    I'm not liberal. I'm actually just anti-evil, OK? - Elon James White

    by Satya1 on Tue Sep 10, 2013 at 09:28:03 AM PDT

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