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View Diary: I.R.S.: U.S. Income Inequality Has Reached Record Level (w/Update) (186 comments)

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    Some of this income disparity is due to greed and the laws, regulations, etc behind it...but a good deal of it is job loss.

    Jobs that are obsolete. Technology makes it too easy to do more with less. Every industry is affected.  Films can be produced with less hands on deck(actors, stunt men, production workers, etc) because many things can be done digitally by smaller teams.

    Retail and manufacturing are hit hard by technology.  Just last night I was in Home Depot and there were 6 self checkout lanes with one person "supervising" them.  No lanes with live cashiers were open.  

    I honestly don't know if we will be able to create enough jobs in the future to get unemployment under 10%.  I really don't think there are enough road, bridge, new product manufacturing jobs to fill the need long term.

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