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  •  excellent interview Gellman & NSA & WAPO (0+ / 0-)

    this was on Fresh Air with Terry Gross

    Barton Gellman was the link from Snowden to Laura Poitras to set up the path to transfer the documents. Gellman and Poitras were friends and had worked together and she approached him to check out the emails from Snowden to see if they were real. Gellman helped her set up secure communication.

    Gellman has won 2 Pulitzer prizes and has worked on national security for 20 years and full time since 9/11. He wrote the book on Cheney, Angler.

    I have heard interviews with Glenn Greenwald, Laura, and others, but this is from a different perspective. Gellman is low key but very good. It is almost 50 minutes long so someone with some new tech may be able to listen to it at a good time. It is available on the web.

    Gellman got some of the documents, but not all of Snowden's. Interesting stuff like even if Snowden was tortured to death, he cold not recover the documents which he spread around.

    Gellman said that it was the most incredible story he has ever worked on. I am fuzzy on this one, but he may have said that it was the most important story ever.

    The engagement of a community of people from different news organizations around the world is amazing. And that the whistle blower is not locked up and not under legal council is amazing.

    Chris Hedges calls what has happened a corporate coup d'etat. In any case, what has happened here is unprecedented and it might be that the crazy war crap is because the leaders of the free world have become more unhinged.

    Here is the link to the interview:

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