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  •  I was with you until... (0+ / 0-)

    I was with you until you brought "stand your ground" into it.

    A lot of folks like to misrepresent SYG as meaning "you get to invoke vigilante justice", which is of course not at all the case.

    SYG simply removes the "duty to retreat" when a person feels that their life is in danger. That is to say, you're permitted to meet force with force.

    As you may or may not know, SYG had absolutely nothing to do with the GZ/TM case. The reason for this is that the generally accepted narrative (as stated by multiple eye witnesses) put TM physically on top of GZ, effectively pinning him to the ground. As there was no ability to retreat, the "duty to retreat" didn't come into play, and any presence of SYG laws was irrelevant.

    The court decided prior to the trial that GZ couldn't invoke SYG in his defense. If he had, there wouldn't have even been a trial in the first place.

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