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View Diary: No, Putin isn't being smart. Obama is running rings around him (253 comments)

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  •  Obama´s stance (10+ / 0-)

    makes logical sense if WMD reduction is really his motivation. It is what he really worked on with russia in regard to nuclear disarmament, without regard to whether the public liked it or not. I can believe that, and I can see how this leads logically to hime believeing he does something good if he seizes the opportunity to reduce more loose WMD possession oin the case of Syria.

    The US stance makes much less sense if its really viewed through the actual options in play in Syria. A people´s revolt towards democracy like in Tunisia would of course have been manna from heaven, but that is long since a lost dream. Absent that there is not much good that the US can achieve in Syria. There´s a lot that regional powers can achieve to further their own interests, but their are not the US interests. I have more difficulty berlieveing that Obamas mistakes Turkish or Saudi interests for his own, than that he plays a straight game on WMD, to the disbelief of the entire world.

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