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    It's International Chocolate Day. Do you prefer American chocolate, or something more International? What is your favorite chocolate?
    Mostly imported. I like it high cocoa but not sweet. I tend not to like other things in it, but I have enjoyed chocolate with ginger, with almonds, and with orange. Chocolate, like coffee and beer, should be dark and bitter.
    Do you defy superstitions by doing those things that the superstitions warn against (walking under ladders, etc.)?
    I don't follow any superstitions, but I don't consciously defy them. I don't generally walk under ladders, but that's a practical matter.
    Remembering that it's Think Positive Day, would you let your kids take over the kitchen?
    Are you or any close to you celiacs? If so, have you found any good products or recipes that are as tasty as the gluten-filled things?
    No, but I've had gluten-intolerant coworkers. I haven't sampled a lot of gluten-free food, but I've had some that were quite good.

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