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View Diary: More on Colorado recalls and voter turnout (287 comments)

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  •  Not happy with DKOS here. (5+ / 0-)

    I think the commentator has a different view than you, Laurence, but he's pretty well informed.  The purpose of this site is purportedly to get Democrats elected.  So we want to be informed as well as possible on this and a healthy debate should be engaged.  Your way too dismissive.  

    These were two tough losses.  But we can't discuss unless we just accept Markos' opinion?  Geez thank god I agreed with him that Michelle Bachman would be the Republican Presidential Nominee.  Not everybody is troll, not everybody is an idiot.  Most are loyal followers who deserve more respect.  Here's the point, yes a low turnout election and some hard Court decisions hurt us, but we lost and lost badly in one.  That's a fact.  And IT IS NOT UNREASONABLE TO ASSUME that we are fighting uphill on a difficult issue and that this is not limited to suppression and apathy.  

    There is no vindication in saying the actual content of the gun bill passed is popular because it is like saying the ACA is popular because its provisions are popular.  That's not true.  The health care bill is in many respects unpopular, contributed to the 2010 losses, and this is true even though the content of the bill is very popular.  

    My personal take is that we need to build a larger more responsive grass roots army, like the republicans.  Yes we could lose some elections on some single issues, but it could prevent the catastrophe of constantly underperforming in low turnout elections.  How we get there should be a daily on going discussion. Republicans are outnumbered but still so formidable and that needs to be front and center.

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