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View Diary: Florida police chief: George Zimmerman is ‘a Sandy Hook waiting to happen’ (106 comments)

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  •  Shellie did not lie on the 911 call (12+ / 0-)

    There is surveillance video showing that in fact it is GZ that is a liar.  For example he claimed that Shellie's ipad was smashed when she hit him with it.  However the video shows GZ grabbing the ipad and throwing it on the ground.  

    Shellie's father's glasses were knocked off his face.  How do you think that happened?  They didn't jump off by themselves.

    Mark O'Mara, GZ's trial lawyer came to the scene and affirmed that GZ did have a gun.  Unfortunately the police never searched GZ's vehicle.  There is a video of them admitting that.  We all know that GZ had a gun in his glove compartment when he was recently stopped for speeding - twice.  In fact, the woman who was with GZ in the vehicle later said that there was not one gun in the truck but TWO guns.  

    So why should we believe or trust anything that GZ says?

    Furthermore, why was GZ at Shellie's father's house in the first place?  He was not supposed to be there.  He just showed up to cause trouble.  This is a repeat of his behavior the night he murdered Trayvon Martin when the 911 operator told GZ to stay in his truck.  Did he listen then?  No.  Instead he chased after Martin and shot him.

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