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    Johnny Q

    OK, this is some of the lamest logic I've ever seen.

    It goes something like this:

    Obama threatened war to make Assad back down re: chemical weapons.

    He didn't really want to go to war.

    He and Kerry, et al, had to sound really bellicose to scare Putin and Assad into backing down.

    But he really didn't want to go to war.

    So he was counting on opposition in  Congress, among the American people, and among foreign allies to keep the missiles from actually being launched before Putin & Assad got yellow and caved.

    Eleventy-dimensional chess FTW!

    But if that's the argument of what happened, then Yucatan Man, myself, and all the other opponents of war here, in Britain, and elsewhere, were not only not WRONG, we were playing a key role in Mr. Obama's plan.

    In fact, we were pushing for the very same result the President was. shouting BUUUURRRRRNN!!!!! IN YOUR FAAAACE!!! seems particularly weird in this case.

    Which was it--did Obama want the war or not?

    The party of Kennedy is also the party of Eastland. The party of Javits is also the party of Goldwater. Where is our party? Where is the political party that will make it unnecessary to march on Washington?

    by SouthernLiberalinMD on Tue Sep 17, 2013 at 10:40:59 AM PDT

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