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  •  You mean the Economic Stimulus which (0+ / 0-)

    was about 1/3 of what his advisors who were non-Wall Street embeds was saying would work? The one which several economists who had predicted the economic crisis said was 1/3 of what was needed?

    The one where 1/3 of what did pass was corporate tax relief IF they hired (which they didn't?

    The one which ran out of steam in six months? Yeah, I remember that, and that was the last we heard about that Create Jobs thing 70% of voters (including a majority of Republicans) said they wanted every year over the next few years. Sure as hell didn't hear it in 2010. Next appearance was late in the 2012 campaign. Then we heard about jobs from him again.

    He's put a fraction of the effort into Job Creation as he did into pushing the Catfood Commission. As noted, the Jobs Commission was a sick joke.

    An occasional speech, a thing offered once or twice, is just not the same fucking thing as pushing the number one thing voters want.  

    Lips. Feet. They do different things, and only one of them tells you priorities.

    Actual Democrats: the surest, quickest, route to More Democrats. And actually addressing our various emergencies.

    by Jim P on Tue Sep 17, 2013 at 09:57:51 PM PDT

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