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View Diary: 2 years since OWS began and 99 percent of us are still getting screwed (247 comments)

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  •  OWS was to scattered to solve any problems, but... (5+ / 0-)

    it did the one thing it could.

    It defined the issue....

    People now get the idea of a plutocracy though they may not get the term because they call it the 1%. That was the first step to fixing the problem and OWS did it with flying colors.

    The next step is to get the vast majority of Americans to realize the government isnt 'for the people' anymore.

    Then we can actually begin to fix things...

    The issues we face can not be solved by people protesting in a park so OWS had no chance of fixing them. Our whole federal system has been gamed for decades and is rigged to serve and protect  the 1%.

    Two ways to fix it really...

    1. Spend decades slowly reversing all the changes.
    2. A Constitutional convention or something similar that allows mass change in a relatively short time span.

    Well those are the ways of fixing it without destroying it at least...

    The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function [Albert A. Bartlett]

    by fToRrEeEsSt on Tue Sep 17, 2013 at 12:03:40 PM PDT

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