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View Diary: In wake of latest mass shooting, senators call for an investigation ... but not about guns (63 comments)

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  •  Given his prior arrests with guns and ... (8+ / 0-)

    prior publically recorded mental health issues, how is it that this suspect was able to (a) keep the guns he had, and (b) buy another one?

    I thought even the anti-gun-control folks agreed that people with mental health issues shouldn't be allowed to have guns under existing laws.  So why wasn't the person who sold the suspect his gun immediately arrested for not following the law?

    (1) the folks telling us that the existing laws are already adequate are not accurate, or
    (2) the laws are accurate but not being enforced, or
    (3) I am wrong about my facts that this individual had a prior record and yet had guns and recently acquired another gun.

    Which is it?

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