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View Diary: In wake of latest mass shooting, senators call for an investigation ... but not about guns (63 comments)

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    If it's 10% of the population, that is 30 million, which is very many, but that by itself does not mean it would be easy, despite what you say.

    Yes, the best I can do is an implication. So what?

    The "more, and sooner" you refer to will be spinning wheels because, again, it will make little difference until ther larger issues are addressed.

    Have the last word. This is a typical waste that occurs here. I wanted to make an observation that the lack of legislation will not be the reason why it will happen again, as the diarist implied, and it's not necessary to create a dispute about implications.

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      It wasn't an observation you made, it was a claim you couldn't back up. It appears to be made of straw.

      Such legislation is no panacea, despite the representations that it is, and everyone would be better off to seek real answers rather than simplistic ones.
      The implication you seem to be making here is to dismiss stronger gun laws as pointless. You can expect that to come under attack here; after all, it's Democrats who are trying to pass them, it's Democrats who value stronger gun laws and reducing gun violence.

      A list of things that kill people: 1. Conceivably anything. 2. Not guns. -- this message brought to you by the Night Vale chapter of the N.R.A.

      by tytalus on Wed Sep 18, 2013 at 10:59:17 AM PDT

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