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View Diary: Frank Rich "State-Sponsored Terrorism!" (197 comments)

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  •  Frank Rich is right (7+ / 0-)

    I have lived in Europe and in S.E. Asia.  I am as afraid living in Tampa, FL (since 1978 the gun culture/right wing extremists have gotten worse and worse) - as afraid as I was while serving on Air Force baes in Vietnam in the late '60's (yes - I do not drive at night for fear of gun violence - I lived in a tough neighborhood until recently).  I moved into a gated community in August.

    Florida has an out of control gun culture - and I am an older American - I do not feel safe on the streets of my city (Tampa) at night.  I blame Congress.  The US needs gun control laws as guns are a threat to the common good - the well-being of law abiding citizens.  Even some LE are out of control with violence/guns.  The way suspects are apprehended (often killed) in the US is shocking.  Something changed at some point ('80's or '90's), as the US culture nurtured a more and more violent environment.  Additionally, the mental health treatment situation in the US is abominable - because we, as a country, have abdicated our responsibilities to ensure the safety of our people and the common good.  

    The US is a mess right now.  That is the way to describe our country and I lay much of the blame on Congress, state legislatures, Governors, the electorate, etc - all of whom put in place extremist right wing conservative governing.  A Mess.

    •  I meant to include the fact that the US (6+ / 0-)

      also has abdicated its responsibilities to those with mental health issues - as the treatment facilities were closed (some needed to be - but not all) and the communities are ill-equipped to deal with long-term & short-term serious mental health problems.  The US has stepped away from that - and the results have been devastating to the individuals concerned, their families, communities and the country as a whole.  I blame everyone who has advanced/advocated the no taxes meme since the Reagan years.  So damn destructive to our society.  A very extreme philosophy.  Harmful, maybe lethal to a culture/society. May the gods and the universe help the USA.

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