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  •  Change is possible; smoking was allowed everywhere (9+ / 0-)

    until circa 1990. My first office job, my officemate chain-smoked inside the office all day with no apology or sanction of any kind expected. There was smoking on airplanes and buses and restaurants and bars, often with nods to "smoking section" and "non-smoking section" -- as if the smoke would magically stay put.

    Like guns, smoke had a very powerful, very entrenched lobby in Big Tobacco, just like the NRA, aka Big Gun (industry). They hawked cancer sticks, marketed to pre-school children, and denied they maximally manipulated their product to addict.

    But when public health, and we the people, figured out and gathered the collective cojones to assert, that "my right to breathe clean air" supersedes "your right to smoke" we got laws banning smoking in more situations. Still though in the mid-1990s, debate raged when municipalities began banning smoking in restaurants, and some feared there would be massive collapse of those eateries.

    Things can change. We don't have to breathe smoke -- and we don't have to see Americans get randomly shot on our own soil. Our right to not get shot properly supersedes anybody's right to have or use a gun. The notion of unrestricted guns is roughly as morally valid as chattel slavery and as women and non-land-owners not having the right to vote.

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