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View Diary: Ezra Is Terrified Because of His Framing (35 comments)

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    your intuition tells you it's a silly option; doesn't mean that journalists who know about it and who know it is legal shouldn't mention it, and should hype the cul de sac we're now in. It also doesn't mean it's a silly option. Why do you think it's silly? What are your reasons, or are you just labeling something you don't like?

    As for "the normal way of doing things," that's just plain conservative BS, and completely rigid, and mal-adaptive. The Constitution allows the minting of those coins. The 1996 law gives that authority to the Secretary of the Treasury.

    So, why shouldn't the President use a legal option to adapt to a difficult situation? FDR did that all the time. He innovated, and innovated, and innovated until things got better. There's no reason why Obama shouldn't be doing the same thing.

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