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View Diary: House Republicans pass shutdown hot potato to Senate Republicans (119 comments)

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    Step 1. What happened today.  House passes a bill with a silly, pointless rider (defund ACA) to toss the potato to the Senate.

    Step 2. Senate passes a bill funding the government (hopefully at a higher level than the House) and not including the silly, poinless rider.

    Step 3. Committee hashes out a bill that looks like the Senate bill, both chambers pass it (with more D votes than R votes in the House) and President Obama signs it.  

    Only question is whether we can get to Step 3 by September 30.  Everything else is noise.

    Defund ACA is just like all the ridiculous repeal ACA bills; nothing more than a gimmick.  The House may as well vote on a bill declaring Romney the winner in 2012, or outlawing all abortions, or putting Reagan on the $1 bill; it has no chance and is just grandstanding crap for fundraising and primaries.

    But Rs in the House, as they are, with a Democrat-controlled Senate and Obama in the White House, can get away with being a bunch of blowhard dipsh*ts and know the people are not going to hold them accountable.  Knowing fully well none of this bullsh*t they pass is going to become law, they can vote on any host of ridiculous reactionary bills that wouldn't withstand a challenge in a Supreme Court stacked with nine Scalias for no purpose other than putting out a press release and blast e-mail to donors later the same day and avoiding a primary challenge from whatever high-school dropout Grand Wizard the Freedom Club for Family Growth has waiting in the wings.

    Behind closed doors, I'm quite sure John Boehner loathes the f*ck out of the tea party and the members who sign on to their crap, as do at least half the R House delegation and all but two R Senators.  But they can throw as many bones to that pathetic rabble as they want knowing fully well, with a D Senate and Obama holding the pen, none of it is of any consequence.

    Good Lord we need to vote these crackers out of office.

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