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View Diary: I don't think the words in Thessalonians 3:10 mean what you think they mean (125 comments)

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    The Jesus Puzzle by Earl Dogerty for some clarification on what type of Christianity Paul was practicing. For one thing, he knew nothing of Jesus's biography because it hadn't been written yet, nor did he know about the claims written in the gospels ascribed to Jesus himself that he would return before the disciples' lives were over. That's because John wasn't written until the late nineties/early 100's. There were many "Christ" sects and cults in the area when Paul was doing his thing. And the followers of Paul were not above using violence against those who had a different take on things. The philosophies of  the"Christ" idea were varied and often based on not only early Jewish writings, but Greek philosophies too.  Many believed that the crucifixion and resurrection (borrowed pagan ideas) of Christ took place on the next plane of existence and not on earth. Paul could have been one of them.

    And since more and more biblical and archeological scholars are putting the big question mark on even the existence of any man called Jesus Christ or Jesus at the heart of these fables should give pause to anyone who wants to quote him or argue about the meaning of the quotes.   "Jesus" also said and did things that fly in the face of those feed the poor etc. sayings, so all of this is just an exercise in rhetoric.  There is no evidence of the whole crucifixion fiction... no crying masses, no riff-raff viewing the execution etc. etc.

    Just one of the many reasons I am an atheist is because I took years to read about and research the basis and roots for my former Christian faith and found that there is no there, there.  

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