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View Diary: The Republican Vote to Cut Food Stamps is Really a Decision to Kill the "Useless Eaters" (45 comments)

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    One of the peculiarities of the old Southern system was that a whole class, who were in my college classes called Southern white yeomanry, a class inferior to the patrician class whose descendants now run the R party, were always treated much less well than the Patricians.

     The gimmick which made it work was that African Americans in that system were structurally by racial laws made to be inferior as a class to the yeomanry, with attention directed by Patricians to this latter distinction so that the one which subordinated current country music fans' ancestors would not be so noticeble.

    The question I have always had was why it was that after the Sixties, the said yeomanry still did not realize how they were being had.  The states in which they predominate are by and large still states which get more back in benefits from the Feds than they pay in by a lot, at the same time that their R elected officials are lobbying as hard as they can for program reductions, food stamps being one, which will make the position of the yeomanry harder, and the services they now get thinner on the ground.  

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