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View Diary: "Jaynestown, USA": Where RWNJ Messages Emulate Auditory Hallucinations (46 comments)

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  •  You have great points. If could also be that (4+ / 0-)

    he was exceptionally brilliant but eccentric and was able to see connections across cultures and timelines that other could not or would not see. Einstein and Newton were two others who started out by finding connections via a higher level model thence going to contrasts. Even modern physics and neuroscience are doing similar things today. At the time Jaynes wrote his book science and psychology in particular were throwing off the shackles of reductionist thought.

    I know - I was there and part of the group trying to maintain a balance between lala-land and reductionism.

    I did not see his views on religion as attacks, but rather merely describing what occurred. In my mind the great attempt at social control is religion or religion like ideologies. These are then accompanied by or wholly replaced by onerous force.

    “Never argue with someone whose livelihood depends on not being convinced.” ~ H.L. MENCKEN

    by shigeru on Thu Sep 26, 2013 at 09:37:28 AM PDT

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