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View Diary: The ACA "train wreck" with my healthcare insurance (202 comments)

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    Willa Rogers

    No union health insurance plan is "free" -- members of the union pay a share towards their premiums, just like most working stiffs.

    When I started working in 1978, there was no copay for any medical services, and my insurance plan covered dental as well as vision. That vanished during the era of HMOs.

    Was health insurance EVER free to certain employees? I've seen my grandparents pay stubs, my parents pay stubs, my sister's pay stubs -- and there was always money deducted for health insurance.

    The only folks I've ever heard of who had free medical care were enlisted in the military and THAT was during WWII.

    •  Actually UPS health insurance is free. (0+ / 0-)

      They are Teamsters' Union.  My brother is a UPS driver and pays nothing toward his health insurance, which, I should add, is excellent & includes dental & vision. Not sure if he has copays, but I know he does not have anything deducted from his pay.  Probably families might have to contribute some, but he's a single guy, so it's all free.

      There was a kerfuffle recently about UPS changing policy (due to the ACA, they said) so that spouses of employees would have to use their own company insurance if they were employed.  It got media attention, but I didn't think it was a big deal really; my husband's fairly generous employer had that same policy years ago.  Made things a bit more complicated for us with the paperwork, but we didn't think it was unreasonable.

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