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    That's good to hear.  My company has seen increases of 5-40% each year every year for about 5, for no particular reason.  Last year was the smallest increase.  There's never any explanation or justification for the increase, and shopping usually doesn't turn up many alternatives.  Our insurance agent, who is more of an advocate and shopper than an industry salesman, has been pretty openly embarrassed by the insurance industry for several years.  He's helped us cope by switching to high deductible plans and essentially doing a certain amount of self-insurance by using an HRA to reimburse the employees for the deductible.  We've added a fixed fee subscription based clinic to increase primary care access.

    One of the unexpected byproducts of using the HRA is that we now know which employees reached the policy deductible.  From that I can estimate that Susie reached it because of her broken leg and Jack because of his car accident, and then estimate how much their costs were and how much the insurance company actually paid in claims compared to the premiums we paid them.  The answer is they pay about 25% of premiums to claims.  We haven't gotten any rebate checks from them due to their lousy ratio of benefits to income, but I'm hopeful.

    So it will be interesting to see what rate quotes we get for our March policy renewal.  There are hints that HRA's will be discontinued, which will cause us to have to look at different policies or find some substitute for the HRA.

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