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  •  What's with "we"? This is not "we as a culture"! (3+ / 0-)
    How did we as a culture get to this point where someone could even think this was acceptable?

    I blame Reagan but he is, just as he was then, a sock puppet for those on the religious right that prefer women were chattel so males can crow about their "superiority" without contest.

    I don't think the crime report defines or even reflects our culture. Of the 360,000,000 Americans some are sick and violent. Getting political about a crazy predator is incoherent imHo.

    Tonight Mayors Landreau and Nutter were discussing urban gun violence on TV as a "national problem" and they asked "where's the outrage" over the shootings in Chicago. It struck me that my very real outrage from my peaceful Cal city about their crime is really not very fruitful although, to be clear, I blame the communities. The Mayors should have been directing their question to Chicagoans who should be marching in the street every day until their city's street crime is stopped. Crime is a local matter and history shows that it's quite solvable.  

    •  There are broad cultural values (4+ / 0-)

      that support violence. Look at the NRA and right wing hate mongering. They reach into the most peaceful and orderly of nice shady suburbs.

      Newton, CN was such a nice respectable middle class town and Adam Lanza and his gun collecting mother were from a well to do and respectable family.  

      •  Abnormal behavior may arise from cultural aspects (0+ / 0-)

        ...but to add the abnormalities to "our culture" seems inaccurate, almost as if its being embraced. We can fix gun laws, to use your example, easily, and we have many laws and systems to prevent violence upon others. Fixing the cultural aspects of dominance, gender, sex are all much more complex. Calling out the abnormality, the lack of virtue, the hostility are all important ways we define our culture. The mistakes the Lanza's are guilty of don't stem from their culture but, in his case, his mental illness, and in her case, her irresponsibility and poor decisions , and the family's failure of one woman raising two sons on her own. These are profound personal failures that bore worst case scenario yet still predictable consequences and the lessons are timeless, not of this century much less today.

        The Lanza problem was not created by the NRA or a gun culture IMO. The NRA had a remote impact in potentially being the reason the gun he used was available at his house. Different guns, less victims? Undoubtedly. But IMO that's  far more of a political and commercial thing than cultural.  

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