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View Diary: I will be on the Ed Show tonight on MSNBC to discuss Fox News and their Obamacare lies (122 comments)

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  •  Just saw Bashir get blindsided by 'train wreck' (1+ / 0-)
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    metaphor used by Baucus. Please explain the train wreck was the intransigence of GOP and their demand to create bureaus of their own creation in every state as a way to create more trouble for HHS.
    People talking about watching a train wreck coming as their reason for obstructing the implementation of the ACA need to be tied to the tracks like the rest of us.
    I'll be watching watching MOT, give 'em hell, and if there are any conservatives around ask them why they serve the wealthy at the expense of the many. If they don't say that's where the money is, they're either liars or delusional.

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