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View Diary: Twitter CEO Blown Away by Iran President's Account as Rouhani Re-Tweets State Department (77 comments)

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  •  A hyperpower has invaded two of Iran's neighbors (1+ / 0-)
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    and is operating a bombing campaign in a third.

    The same hyperpower has engaged in cyber warfare against Iran, has within a few decades supported Iraq in a war of naked aggression in which 100,000 Iranians were gassed, and the Israeli satellite of that hyperpower has been caught close to red-handed funding the murder of Iranian scientists.

    Oh, and the US just delisted one of the most violent anti-Iranian terrorist groups in the world.

     Iran has the military potency of Sweden, and North Korea has made it clear that nukes certainly do help dissuade a bellicose US.

    Oh, and Iran has a couple of nuclear neighbors, one of which (Pakistan) has been known in modern times to launch some pretty nasty wars of aggression.

    "But the traitors will pretend / that it's gettin' near the end / when it's beginning" P. Ochs

    by JesseCW on Sat Sep 28, 2013 at 03:17:20 AM PDT

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