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  •  I recommend "Atlas Shrugged" but not for the (4+ / 0-)

    reasons one would think.

    I read though the whoooooole thing last year, because I wanted to get into the brain of Paul Ryan who was a Rand enthusiast. It was torture towards the end, and at one point I almost decided not to finish it, though I was three quarters through the book.

    I discovered that the brain of Paul Ryan is a funny, scary place.

    Here's what I remember about "'Shrugged":

    *Francisco DAnconia ruined his entire copper empire in order to keep it from getting in the hands of the government.  At the end he blew it up, though he wasn't a terrorist because he evacuated the copper mines first.

    *Daphne Taggart was raped by DAnconia when she was 16, except she "enjoyed" it. The book didn't say anything about FDA slipping on a condom first.

    (This part of the book made me laugh, because I was imagining Paul Ryan getting his jollies from this part).

    *Oil barron Elias Wyatt blew up his oil mine to prevent it from being socialized by the government. It caused a fire that everybody in the book celebrated as Wyatt's torch."

    *Later in the book, Daphne Taggert became the battered girlfriend of steel industrialist Hank Reardon, as well as the other woman in his marriage.  Of course she got a diamond in the process.

    *A terrorist/pirate whose name I won't spell out here sank a bunch of ships carrying food to starving countries from America. This was because he wanted to be the reverse Robin Hood and steal from the poor to "give back" to the rich.

    *John Galt created a fuel efficient engine that would have saved the environment, made us independent from oil and would have saved the auto industry. He destroyed the engine and the blueprints, because he didn't want the poor to benefit from his invention. Instead he took a job as a janitor at the railroad.

    Read the book, everyone. This is gold!

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