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  •  Alrighty then (0+ / 0-)

    if monitoring the comments on my own diary is trolling, then I confess to such.  Thanks for sharing that insight on your reading habits... you must have a big space to keep your 4000 books.  I remember when I had a lot of books, but I've since downsized and donated most of them to the library so that other people could read them, too.

    •  Most of the core of my original library came from (2+ / 0-)
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      terrybuck, nancyjones

      donations to the town library - they had pretty strict standards for how 'new' and pristine books had to be for them to bother to keep and shelve them.  If it wasn't quite up to snuff, it was off to the book sale, where you could sometimes get a grocery bag full of books for a buck by the end of the sale.  I must have picked up close to a thousand books that way, over the years.  And back when I was making decent money, a lot of 'disposable' income went to used bookstores, and sometimes new ones, if I just couldn't wait for the paperbacks to show up in the used, heh.

      (And I'll take back 'trolling', but I do think you replied rather grumpily to a number of comments, given that you obviously knew when you wrote the diary that those were the sorts of comments you might expect.)

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