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  •  historical context (8+ / 0-)

    the Powell Memo - led to the creation of the Heritage Foundation and the Olin Foundation.

    called for the creation of a concerted response to the baby-boom revolution against the Vietnam War (and Civil Rights and Free Speech)

    In 1973, in response to the Powell Memo, Joseph Coors and Christian-right leader Paul Weyrich founded the Heritage Foundation. . .who began funding similar organizations in concert with "the Four Sisters" - Richard Mellon Scaife's various foundations, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, the Olin Foundation and the Smith Richardson Foundation - along with Coors's foundations, foundations associated with the Koch oil family, and a group of large corporations
    it also Expanding corporate influence over the U.S. educational system was one of the crucial themes of Powell's memo to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

    Ronald Reagan at the Bohemian Grove Retreat in summer of 1967

    Reagan was elected to Governor later that same year

    Krugman on The Zombie Doctrine of Reaganism

    Reaganism, with its hatred of the social state, celebration of unbridled self-interest, its endless quest to privatize everything, and support for deregulation of the economic system eventually bring the country to near economic collapse, it also produced enormous suffering for those who never benefited from the excesses of the second Gilded Age, especially workers, the poor, disadvantaged minorities and eventually large segments of the middle class.
    While Reagan did not successfully impose a university tuition on students in the California Public Education System, he did manage to raise student's registration fees, which became substantial by 1982 (over $1,000).  In 1982 Gov. George Deukmejian implemented the final blow to our public education system.

    The entirety of Ronald Reagan's Zombie Doctrine can be ascribed to the William P. Clark "mini-memo" which provided a one page summary of the issue, the argument for it and the strategy for resolution.  This memo was effectively a position-statement and a script for Ronald Reagan prepared by his handlers.  In performing this function, the perfect complicit actor moved to implement the strategies that were put into place by the Ultra-conservative thinktanks when Reagan became president in 1982.

    As Reagan's chief of staff in Sacramento, Bill Clark had devised the "mini-memo," a television-age model of brevity that reduced the analysis, arguments, and recommendations on a given issue to a single page.  The mini-memo was designed to play to Reagan's strengths and dodge his weaknesses. He was good at making decisions, which the mini-memos encouraged, and poor at doing his homework.
    This is the line of philosophy and control that has been implemented since the powell memo in 1971 and the creation of the next generation of conservatism promoted by the Koch brothers in the form of the Heritage Action for America foundation.
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      NonnyO, New Minas

      I kind of figured that gutting the middle class and smashing public education were responses to the the sixties.  We were the first generation to be well-taught and well-fed, and nurtured also in the notion of America as the Good Guy, saving the world from oppression and hunger, etc. Then we hit adulthood, noticed the appalling realities, and collectively rebelled.  We were a big pain in the establishment's behind, and it seems like no accident that another such generation hasn't really been permitted.  

      You've given my private CT some source material.Thanks!


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