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View Diary: ROPE-A-DOPE 101: How it's all going to go down on October 1st (188 comments)

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  •  It's nothing I've not said for years (1+ / 0-)
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    and that others aren't saying plenty in real time already.

    In my experience liberals don't want to hear it that there's an entire bandwidth of their countrymen that functions fine in a state of utmost contempt for universal moral right and social justice - and will not tolerate such ideas taking hold in the United States without a fight. A real fight.

    We are going to have to fight them - or at least convince them the price of a fight would be far more than they can stand.

    But right now, Republicans aren't convinced we've any stomach for a street contest. They think they have it in the bag. It's why they dare do the things they do.

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