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  •  This is not a gradualist, nationwide approach. (0+ / 0-)

    First, there is a reason this is focused on the state rather than national level. The point is to get the ball rolling and build political pressure among traditional Republican interest groups to push it nationwide. That pressure will not exist until its in place, somewhere in the country.

    And second, gradualist approaches aren't fast enough, so we ideally would need to be ready to rapidly exploit any breakthrough we may achieve with policies that can be defended after a mid-term state legislature reverse by the governor's veto pen, and then in four year's time is not likely to be reversed even with a change in party.

    So this is a "democrats win control, have to do something quickly that will have long term benefits" approach for a state government.

    For example, suppose that the Republican State Legislators in Ohio continue to balk on expanded Medicaid coverage, and it goes to a ballot issue in the Fall of 2014, and the unusual mid-term turnout rolls Governor Kasich out of office and creates a slender Democratic majority in the State House of Representatives. This policy would be aimed at swinging a handful of moderate Republican State Senators (because of the way that State Senate districts are often gerrymandered with one gerrymandered Democratic House district and two gerrymandered Republican districts for a Republican lean, moderate Republican State Senators do indeed exist), and getting put in place quickly in the aftermath of that election win.

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