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  •  I worked at Target (4+ / 0-)

    while in college and mostly worked the floor. Often I'd be assisting a customer with a big ticket item only to be called to the front to work the register.

    I was reprimanded for not getting to the front fast enough on a regular basis only because I refused to walk away from a customer ready to spend hundreds of dollars on a single product.

    Management didn't care. I hope all retailers will start to realize that the only way to compete with Amazon is through good service by humans.

    •  Amazon Prime is amazing for city people (0+ / 0-)

      like me. I live in Brooklyn, don't have a car, and don't feel like going on the subway for small items. I buy things online that I never would have when I lived at home in suburban NJ, like batteries, shaving razors, stapler and other office supplies, etc. For $79 a year to give me free 2-day shipping on nearly everything, why wouldn't I be a member?

      I'm totally guilty of showrooming for larger ticket items, but even still I usually rely on user and professional reviews. Plus, if it's no good, just return it. A little patience goes a long way.

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