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View Diary: Adoption Series Part 1 - Bitter Truths (101 comments)

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  •  Ruby (12+ / 0-)

    You brought up some excellent points. There is a thin veneer that they feed birth mothers about how perfect its all going to be. Unfortunately... once that veneer is broken, the dark reality of adoption comes to the surface. I"m so sorry for you and your son! My birth mother, as incompetent as she was, was horrified by my adoption experience. The worst thing is so often, people blame the adoptees for these "failures". The real failure is a system that does not take our feelings and needs into account.

    I also hear you about those Camps.... those things are nightmares! I ended up in a "residential placement" with other "troubled kids". I know several of those kids had come out of adoptive homes. I was lucky... the place I got stuck in wasn't abusive. So many other kids aren't so lucky.

    I hear your anger, and SO agree!!! You have every right to be angry in this case. I think you would have been a far better parent than they were. Truth is..... money doesn't make you a parent. Love does.

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