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View Diary: DOJ to sue North Carolina over Voter Suppression law (28 comments)

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  •  The "correct precinct" requirement (2+ / 0-)
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    is made null and void if a voter votes early or absentee. Because the counties may have only one or two early voting sites if their population is small (like mine). The voter rolls used to note that a voter has voted - thus can't vote again in the same election - are the same either way. This is not a problem in reality (because voters can't vote twice), it's just a problem for Republicans who want to keep some people from voting at all. Hence the drastic cut-back for early voting in addition to ID crap.

    I have voted early for the past decade and a half because they moved my precinct polling place to the basement of the First Baptist Church. Where there is a giant mural of Noah and his animals on the wall, and I like to keep my politics and my religion quite separate. Early voting is held at the county courthouse, we usually do it on a Saturday and make a family outing of it (daughter and grandsons live with us, all are registered voters). We never miss a chance to vote, except in the 2008 Dem primary when we were out of state because Mother-in-Law died suddenly.

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