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View Diary: GOP staff: Our bosses 'threw staff under the bus' (197 comments)

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  •  Rule #1 for running an office (12+ / 0-)

    Don't screw over your support staff, or they'll screw over you. Usually at the least convenient time. I knew one person who was a law clerk who was so abusive towards the judge's support staff that they rose up and told the judge that unless he got rid of the clerk, they'd quit en masse. And I'm sure you've all heard stories about members of Congress who are abusive to staff members and suddenly end up with a speech that mysteriously "disappears" at an important time. Or, a speech full of deliberate typos and errors.

    •  Wiki on Congressional Staff: (2+ / 0-)
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      Theodore J Pickle, Be Skeptical

      Table shows 2009 salaries with ~400 making ~$125K;
      ~1000 @ ~$85K; down to the (subject of this diary) "staff assistant" getting the big bucks, ~$30K. Over a thousand of these lowest ranking vassals of the Knights.

      ~5,000 members of the congressional staff contingent including both house and senate. Wiki has this about committees which sounds much more fun:

      In 2000, House committees had an average of 68 staff and Senate committees an average of 46. Committee staff includes both staff directors, committee counsel, committee investigators, press secretaries, chief clerks and office managers, schedules, documents clerks, and assistants.

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