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View Diary: CDC chief: Shutdown 'really interferes with our ability to protect people' (26 comments)

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  •  Flu is already out there, and worse may be lurking (1+ / 0-)
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    The head nurse at my parents' retirement community told me tonight that one of her staff is already out with the flu. They started giving shots today to residents (my dad was first in line, and my mom, in dementia care, got hers today too.) But the CDC will not be tracking cases and patterns, so if it is truly an early and serious outbreak year, we won't find out until it is everywhere. Sort of like 1957, when they didn't shut our elementary school until the Asian flu pandemic had my class down to one healthy kid.

    The 2011 outbreak of Listeria (from contaminated cantaloupe) was tracked down by CDC to its source in CO in under a week from the date the first case was reported to CDC. With cases spread across 28 states, finding the source was non-trivial - a real outbreak detective story! Listeria outbreak report

    Even with a rapid response by experts, there were 30 deaths, and around 150 reported cases. The recall affected 1.5 million melons. Imagine how this story might have played out without the CDC.

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