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View Diary: Are you still 'proud to be an American?' I'm not so sure (88 comments)

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    Having traveled extensively & lived abroad primarily while serving Active Duty Air Force, one uniquely American trait is our insatiable desire to loudly boast of being the Greatest Country on the Planet. Whether debatably true or not, I assure you this is generally off putting to many residents of all those "lesser" countries.  More off putting is hearing those boasts from folks who've rarely travelled their own state much less ever left the country.
    Imagine how annoying you'd likely find a coworker if they spent much of the time ensuring You Knew they were four rungs above you on the evolutionary ladder.
    Kinda works the same nationally.

    •  The thing is, though ... (0+ / 0-)

      ... you can be justly proud of (say) a child you've raised, or a book you've written, or a meal you've cooked, without insisting on telling everyone about how that child or that book or that meal is the greatest there has ever been and all other children or books or meals are inferior.

      You can have pride without wanting to put down everything/everyone else that can be compared to the thing you're proud of.

      As Ogden Nash put it: "I think that you and yours are delightful and I think that me and mine are delightful too."

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