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  •  Back when I was young and stupid, I fell for (21+ / 0-)

    Clancy's shit. I think I first read Red October when it was relatively new, so it was a long time ago (1984, in fact). Still, it was less political and somewhat fun.

    Because I like nerdy techno-thrillers, I continued to read his stories. But - perhaps beginning with Sum of All Fears in 1991, he began to morph into a producer of right-wing-demagoguery porn and rampant islamophobia-generating hate porn. Sum of all Fears was an accurate title for what his stuff was: his stories became caricatures of propaganda works, basically Fox "News" or PNAC in novel form. It was really disgusting stuff, designed to stoke unjustified fear of reality perceived to be similar to his fiction.

    With the release of Without Remorse in 1993 - 20 years ago - he descended into the hate-filled world of vigilantism and the glorification of brutality and killing for killing's sake. Readers could begin to see how "hero" Jack Ryan would emerge as a cheerleader for violence, and the execrable John Clark - mercenary, killer-for-hire, and all-around thug and bully, was elevated to protohero status when he should have occupied the worst circle of hell.

    I think I gave his garbage one last try: Executive Orders. It was just more rightwing propaganda disguised as fiction, just another piece of bully-porn that sickened me and made me realize why America is plunging down the moral sewer if writers like Clancy can attain "best-seller" status.

    Last month I picked up a copy of Locked On (2011) at a local used bookstore for $2.00. Desperate for reading material, I gave it a try. I had lived a happily Clancy-free reading existence for at least 15 years, and after reading that piece of Islamophobic hate propaganda and glorification of any level of violence and illegal and immoral behavior by the "good guys", I remembered why I had given up on Clancy's bullshit.

    The world is a better place without any new such garbage emanating from Clancy's word processor.

    "Bernie Madoff's mistake was stealing from the rich. If he'd stolen from the poor he'd have a cabinet position." -OPOL

    by blue in NC on Thu Oct 03, 2013 at 05:32:41 AM PDT

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