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  •  I finished that book (18+ / 0-)

    about the airliner hitting the Capitol (a novel written years before) on Sept 10th, 2001 and the next morning awoke to the sight of the airplanes hitting the twin towers.  I remember the first news conference where the Bush administration acted as if this was an act nobody could have envisioned and I screamed at my TV set.  A fiction novelist imagined it for crying out loud.  

    While I agree with the diarist that Clancy's novels gave you a feel-good about American fire power and domination in conventional warfare, I can tell you from first-hand military experience that he had some amazing inside information on just how lethal our arsenal was.  Hunt For Red October was brimming with accurate stuff about submarines that I was bound by security not to disclose.  In a CONVENTIONAL war we had and have a tremendous advantage over any other nation and could accomplish many of the things he described.  The total annihilation of Saddam Hussein's forces on the road to Baghdad at the end of the Kuwaiti war is a sample of that.  It's a chilling fact and not one I'm proud of.

    When you think of it though, Clancy also wrote about blow back in that novel that ends with a Japanese airline pilot exacting the ultimate revenge.  The conflict described was no contest between our forces and the Japanese in the war he dreamed up but at the end you're left with a sense of the waste and futility of it all.  Not all his novels left you with that feeling but he was certainly not completely one-dimensional.

    •  Speaking of incest, after 9/11 the War Department (1+ / 0-)
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      called a conflab of "thriller" writers like Clancy and Brown (who also wrote one about airliners as missiles) to have them tell the war gamers in the military and its so-terribly -smart "consultants" what the next bunch of Osama-class baddies might do in the way of "terrorist attacks." One wonders, and of course because it is so terribly couble-secret we will never know though it will often be hinted that our "institutions" have so repeatedly "saved us," what those demonic plots were or whether any were attempted or foiled.

      That MIIC that Clancy worshiped is a clumsy brobdingnag of a Leviathan, mired in Milbabble and process. What a surprise that war games that we hear so little about have "us," our War Leaders at least, getting our Enormous Global Interoperable Network-Centric Battlespace Ergonomic-Chairr-Sitting-Fattened Asses handed to "us" repeatedly, and why Obama's Imperium is so terribly lucky (so far) not to have tried to shoot up Syria or send missiles at Teheran. and more recent pieces on how clumsy and dead "our" terribly expensive toys and troops would be if "we" take a run at a whole range of "geopolitical force projection" options.

      Speaking of good reads, here's one, full of portents as well as nostalgia:

      "Is that all there is?" Peggy Lee.

      by jm214 on Fri Oct 04, 2013 at 11:17:17 AM PDT

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